Reset Cartridge Error (E5) Canon Pixma MP145, MP160, MP180, MP190


If you have a problem that you are experiencing error E5 printer then you need to fix it, it means the following:

  1. Unplug the power cord from the power grid.
  2. Press the power On / Off.
  3. Input power cable, power button remains on tap.
  4. Tekakan 1x reset button, release the power button, press the   reset button again until the screen turns writing a “0”.
  5. Press the + button to change the “0” to “1”.
  6. Load the paper and press the power button / start button for the printer to print the first page.
  7. Open / lift the printer (scanner).
  8. Unplug the power cord.
  9. Remove the cartridge 40 and 41 and close the printer.
  10. Replace the power cord and press the power button.
  11. Open the cover of the printer (scanner).
  12. Put the cartridge 40 and 41.
  13. If the above steps done correctly then you will not see the message again E5.

Good luck! 


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